These pre-recorded messages advertise a product or service, usually on radio or television.  To get a realistic message across, the commercial voice over is most often of a conversational nature, depicting normal people in everyday situations, but it can also be bold and over the top.  Carol can reflect the style you need in order to get your message across.






This type of voice over narration involves films and commercials produced to raise awareness of current issues or of people affecting the world in which we live.  As such, the voice over style should reflect that of an observer and work with the video to convey important information.  As an experienced educator, Carol can bring your video to life with just the right amount of emphasis and emotion.

Character-driven Media

Today, entertainment must be enlightening, amusing, and challenging.  Voicing characters in this realm (video games, animated videos and movies, anime, and cartoons) can be among the most challenging voice over work.  With a background in acting, an affable manner, and a keen ear tuned to direction, Carol can leverage my flexibility and creativity to align your vision with the right character in the least amount of time.





Who doesn’t remember at least one jingle from their childhood?  Jingles are among the most memorable of commercial advertisements and can also be the most fun to perform.  Carol has been singing all of her life, onstage and off, and can put her mezzo-soprano voice to work for your product or service.


Corporate voice-overs are prolific today and involve narration in a variety of forms; including web-based tutorials, website narration, explainer videos, employee or customer training, PowerPoint presentations, and marketing pieces.  The voicing style for corporate narrations is authoritative, didactic, strong, and intelligent to achieve the goal of educating or informing the target audience. With an extensive career in corporate and educational settings, this type of voice over is the pinnacle of Carol's wheelhouse.




Digital Media

In the digital age, voice overs are literally everywhere; even in places not thought about, such as on hold and voice mail messaging and prompts, podcasts, software application instructions or narrations, and assistive technology (audio descriptions for the blind or visually impaired).  With such a proliferation of devices and media, there is an increased demand for these types of voice overs, and it takes an articulate and responsive voice to adequately fulfill this need.  With many years as a trainer and educator, Carol's mid-range, clear, and accent-neutral voice is ideal for these types of business needs.